Paramotor Accessoires

Sky Paragliders Paramotor Reserve $735 Includes Y Bridle, 3 Maillons to secure reserve (This is a complete reserve ready to go nothing needed extra)

Paramotor Reserve

Paramotor Water Flotation Powerfloat 2Bsure Flotation Cost $340 

Powerfloat 2Bsure Flotation Powerfloat 2Bsure Flotation 02

PlusMax Paramotor Helmet with noise cancelling Mic $390 Comes with radio connector Add $60 For Sidetone & upgraded Noise cancelling Mic

PlusMax BLUETOOTH Paramotor Helmet $490 Best noise canceling bluetooth mic setup can listen to music or make/receive phone calls while flying. 

Helmet is made in Germany Peltor Optime 3 35db Earcups for maximum noise protection 

Paramotor helmet 01 Paramotor helmet 03 Paramotor helmet 04 Paramotor helmet 02