Paramotor Price Comparison

I have taken the time to put together a price comparison of some of the most popular paramotors for sale here in the USA. I am hoping this will save time in your research and will help you see the price difference between in the paramotors I sell and other paramotors on the market. You will see that the Air Conception paramotors are some of the best priced paramotors on the market and they are also the lightest most powerful paramotors on the market.

Air Conception & Cloud Chaser Package Deals Offered By Fly High Paramotors.

Air Conception 200 Nitro Delta Aluminium $6895 Ozone Mojo PWR $3300 Total $10,095

Other Wing Options Ozone Spyder $3800, Sky Paragliders Gaia $2500

Please Note: Ozone Paraglider’s are designed in Europe. Ozone Paragliders is one of the most reputable and experienced paraglider makers in the world. Ask your self what wing manufacturer do you want to trust your life to when flying? I only trust my life to the best wing producers in the world period! The best wings are not cheap but it’s worth every penny when it’s your life hanging under the paraglider 🙂

Competition Prices 

Flat Top Paramotors 

Flat Top Ninja $7500 Dominator $3800 Total $11,300

Blackhawk Paramotors 

Blackhawk 125 Kestrel & Velocity Wing $7495 (Velocity wing not recommend)
Blackhawk 125 Pro & Electra Wing $9495
Blackhawk Airmax 220 & Electra wing $9895
BlackHawk 190 Kestrel Paramotor $6995 

Nirvana Paramotors 

Nirvana Rodeo $8150
Nirvana Instinct $12,350

Parajet Paramotors 

Parajet Volution Thor 130 $8150
Parajet Volution 190 $8225