Paramotor Training

Paramotor Training With All Gear Rental Included All Training Will Be On Air Conception Paramotors & Ozone Wings

Paramotor training will be held in Pensacola Florida & Oceano California. Please check start dates for training locations. Price for the 7 to 10 day paramotor training course is $2000 that includes all the necessary gear rental included for you to learn how to fly a paramotor meaning you do not need to buy any gear for you to learn how to fly a paramotor. Oil and fuel cost is also included in the price. All paramotor training will be done on Air Conception Paramotors and Ozone gliders. We will be doing all Paramotor training along the coast which will provide the best and most consistent wind and weather conditions.

The course is 7 to 10 days long but when you do your paramotor training with Fly High Paramotors you get lifetime paramotor training membership if at any point you would like to come back and update your skills you can join in on a class for free and get additional training.

Questions & reservations email or Call 727-637-2224 

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**Please note each date is a new start date of a new class**

2017 Pensacola Beach Fl Training Location  Sep 2, Sep 16 – Oct 7, Oct 21

Oceano CA Training Location Nov 18 

2018 Oceano California Paramotor Training Schedule  

Jan 8, Jan 22- Feb 5, Feb 19 –March 5, March 19 – April 2, April 16 – May 7, May 21 – Jun 4, Jun 18 – July 7, July 18 – Sep 3, Sep 17 – Oct 1, Oct 15 – Nov 5, Nov19 – Dec 1

To Reserve Your Spot Call 727-637-2224 or email

Fly High Paramotors, Paramotor Training Advantage

  • We train for 7 to 10 days straight up to 6-8 hrs a day.
  • No need to buy any gear all gear will be provided for you to do your paramotor training. You will train on the same top line gear Fly High Paramotors sells paramotors, wings, helmets, reserves all top line gear will be provided to you. This gives you the opportunity to learn how to fly a paramotor without having to buy and use your own gear for training.

     Fly High Paramotors Paramotor Training Outline 

    • We will go over powered paragliding fundamentals and you will be provided with video/literature study guides online as soon as you sign up for training and you can start studying online:) 
    • Paramotor and gear pre-flight checks
    • Getting familiar with your new gear/ maintenance 
    • Mastering your paraglider (Paraglider ground handling this is the stage where you start to grow your wings) :)
    • Forward launch
    • Reverse launch
    • Landing and takeoff practices
    • Radio instructed guided flights with high tech noise cancelling communication helmet. Radio & helmet is provided for all your flights
    • Understanding air space rules and regulations pertaining to Ultralight paramotor flying

    Fly High Paramotors Fly far, Fly higher, Fly better!

    Meet your Instructor

    I am confident in my ability to train you and help you to avoid new pilot mistakes. I started free flying paraglider’s using thermal flying and ridge soaring flying techniques in mountainous terrain at the age of 19 and three years after that I started flying with a paramotor. I have been flying paramotors and offering paramotor instruction for over 12 years now. Unlike other paramotor training schools I have small class sizes so I can give you the best possible attention and help guide you to learn all the skills needed to fly a paramotor and I also do all paramotor training along the coast to insure you get the best possible weather conditions for your paramotor training, I offer paramotor sales & training for the love I have for this this sport and I meet great like minded people along the way make new friends and have a blast watching new pilots take to the sky, this is why I formed Fly High Paramotors to share this sport with others wanting to get into flying with a paramotor. Let’s keep it fun, small and focused. See you in the air.

    Robert M. Your Paramotor Instructor.
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