Sky Paragliders

Sky Paragliders

If you have ever had the chance to fly a Sky Paraglider, then you know how well they perform and handle. Very few gliders can come close to their performance. Sky Paragliders uses the latest technology and materials to produce its gliders and harnesses. Sky Paragliders produces some of the easiest gliders to launch and safest to fly. Sky Paragliders also produce some of the lightest gliders and harnesses in the world.

Fly High Paramotors is an authorized dealer for Sky Paragliders which means we can order any Sky gear that you are looking for. Just email us for more info and detailed pricing on any Sky gear.

Please Contact us for a detailed invoice or question at 727-637-2224 or by email at: 

For more information on any of the Sky gliders just click on the gliders name below to get more information from or to see the full range of the Sky gear