Sky Paragliders

Sky Paragliders

If you have ever had the chance to fly a Sky Paraglider, then you know how well they perform and handle. Very few gliders can come close to their performance. Sky Paragliders uses the latest technology and materials to produce its gliders and harnesses. Sky Paragliders produces some of the easiest gliders to launch and safest to fly. Sky Paragliders also produce some of the lightest gliders and harnesses in the world.

Fly High Paramotors is an authorized dealer for Sky Paragliders which means we can order any Sky gear that you are looking for. Just email us for more info and detailed pricing on any Sky gear.

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ANAKIS 2The new generation of our popular wing with performance that is easy to utilize at any stage of flight. Just check for further details.
FIDES 3FIDES 3 is a new wing in the school range, designed for paragliding students at the training slope and during their first thermal flights.
GAIAGAIA, in Latin called Tella or Terra, was the name used for the Godess Mother of Earth; mother of titans and cyclops. The glider GAIA by Sky Paragliders will also help every an novice pilot to become a paragliding titan easily. Just check the details.
ATIS 3The ATIS 3 is new high end EN B (LTF 1–2) category glider. The performance is suited for regular pilots who enjoy the speed (up to 52 km/h) and the glide ratio (almost 9) and the sporty spirit of these performance factors.
ANTEA 2ANTEA 2 is a new-born in the category of performance gliders. A new and improved high speed profile combined with ever-reliable SKY handling for an impressive gliding performance.
ARES 2ARES 2 is the second generation of SKY’s popular high performance wing. It is especially well suited and balanced for XC flights and competition flying.
ERIS 4ERIS 4 is the latest generation SKY competition glider. But, as one might guess, even this glider is aimed mostly at novice competition pilots who are new to the high performance wings and competition flying and would appreciate both the stability and performance to take on new flying challenges.
EOSEOS, new competition special wing designed and produced by Sky Paragliders, is already delivered to the members of SKY competition team and shortly it will go for the real Titan fights with the other best wing on the markets. We keep our fingers crossed for the EOS, the Titan of the dawn.
ANTEA K2ANTEA K2 is the best option for all pilots who need light equipment(only 3.3kg)and the performance(the glide ratio > 9, depending on the take off weight and conditions). This glider will mostly be favoured by adventure pilots who revel in hike and fly competitions and those who climb and fly.
CIMA K2CIMA K2 is the best glider for all pilots who just love flying light. Do not compromise on reducing weight, performance or the handling – just fly CIMA K2.
METIS 2 is the second generation tandem glider of the same name but for the first time it\’s now certified in the EN B category (according to CEN 926–2 a 926–1).
ATIS 2 freestyle
ATIS 2 FREESTYLE is a special wing for all paragliding freestyle and aerobatics enthusiasts. It will be especially appreciated by all the pilots who would like to enjoy SATs, tumbles and loops…