Used Paramotors

High Quality Used Paramotors for Sale 

From time to time we have used paramotors and wings for sale and they will be listed on this website. So bookmark this page and check this page for updates or you can send us an email to get email updates for used paramotors that are posted to this page.

The paramotors and wings listed for sale on this page are always from Fly High Paramotors customers and or sometimes we also sell slightly used demo paramotors or wings that we buy and test out and then sell as used paramotors or wings. We buy new paramotors and wings all the time and test new gear out and then we sell them. So if you are looking to buy a high quality used paramotor or a wing at a great price you have come to the right place here you you will find like new paramotors and wings for sale and trusted customer’s used paramotors that are for sale. So you can buy with confidence.

If you have any question about any of the used paramotors for sale please contact us by phone 727-637-2224 or email us at



Used Paramotors For Sale

Used Air Conception Paramotor SOLD

Air Conception 130 Aluminum frame with only 20hrs. Reason for selling is Air Conception has switched to using the Delta Aluminum frame and I need to switch to the current frames. Paramotor frame has no damages, engine is in excellent condition. Comes with original E-Props carbon fiber propeller with no damages. 

Air Conception 11 Air Conception 12

Dominator Paramotor Wing SOLD

Dominator wing green/white size Large 28 square meter under 20hrs on wing small stain on the wing $2000

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 1.41.42 PM

Used Sold Paramotors

Used Nirvana Rodeo Paramotor  $6500 SOLD

Nirvana Rodeo with 6 hrs comes with 2 blade Nirvana carbon fiber propeller. Electric & pull start equipped. Unit is in like new condition. Any questions just ask. Price $6500

IMG_0013 IMG_0016

 Used Flat Top Ninja Parmotor Price $5800 SOLD

Used Flat Top Ninja Paramotor for sale with under 10 hours on the motor. Comes with upgraded weight shift harness. If any questions just call or email me.  New Retail price is $7500 here is your chance to save big! 


BlackHawk Kestrel 125cc Paramotor Price $4300 SOLD 

Very lightly used paramotor BlackHawk Kestrel with 125cc  engine and with clutch driven propeller. Paramotor Engine has under 6 hrs. Paramotor is in great condition. High hang point system and comes with perfect condition wood propeller. 

20150320_083955 20150320_083942

SOLD BlackHawk Used Paramotor Kestrel 125cc $4900 With weight shift harness upgrade!

Only 10hrs of flying time runs perfect this was a demo show unit for Fly High Paramotors this price is set for a quick sale to make room for new inventory.

Kestrel Paramotor 01 Kestrel Paramotor 02

Parajet Volution2 Compact Price $4000 SOLD

Up for sale by one of our customers is a Parajet Volution2  Compact very lightly used paramotor with only a couple of flights. The paramotor comes with 175cc motor with electric start and has a strong and compact cage. The customer chipped his propeller and repaired the propeller hime self but did not balance the propeller and from the vibration ended up cracking the crank case the paramotor only had about 5hrs of use before the customer broke it so it’s still like a new engine just needs to be repaired.

 EXCITE 3 comp Paraglider Harness $700 with shipping  SOLD

Up for sale is an Sky Paragliders Excite3 paragliding harness used only for two flights so it is like brand new. This is the top of the line paragliding harness from Sky Paragliders this harness is super comfortable and most pilots use it for competition flying which is what I bought the harness for but decided I am not going to compete this year so I am selling the harness. This is one of the lightest and most comfortable harness on the market with amazing back protection. The Excite3 harness can also be fitted with the speed bag if you will be doing competition  flying. I do not have the speed bag for this harness as I lost it (flew out of my truck) If you are interested in the speed bag it can be ordered from me as I am a Sky Paragliders dealer. This Harness new retails for over $1000 and I am pricing the harness for $700 for a quick sale and shipping is free.  If you have any questions please let me know. Also if you are interested in any other Sky Paragliders gear let me know as I can order any gear from Sky Paragliders.

Flat Top 120 Paramotor $5000 For sale SOLD!

I have a Flat Top 120 used Paramotor for sale and has never been flown so the engine has zero hours on it. This paramotor was a floor show demo. The motor has only been started two times just to make sure everything is working. Retail for the Flat Top 120 is $5995  plus $200 for the weight shift harness option upgrade which this 120 comes with the weight shift harness. This Flat 120 retails for $6195 with the weight shift harness upgrade and is now for sale for $5000 now is your chance to save $1195 off the retail price.  This is a year end clearance sale! This paramotor is good for pilots weighing up to 190 pounds. If you are also looking for a wing let me know and I can give you a deal on any Sky Paragliders wing. The Flat Top 120 is in stock and ready to be shipped.

Here is a video of the Flat Top 120 Paramotor for sale.

Nirvana Rodeo Brand New! Price $6500 Sold!

We have a customer who has decided to sell his brand new Nirvana Rodeo which he has bought from us. His Nirvana Rodeo paramotor has never been flown and is still in it’s original box. The customer has decided to sell his paramotor due to personal reasons as he can not commit to flying at this time. The paramotor also comes with the original two blade Carbon Nirvana propeller. The Nirvana Rodeo new retails for $7800 Comes with all original accessories as seen in picture.

Flymecc Paramotor & Trike Combo $5800 with 1 year warranty  SOLD

Up for sale is a barely used Paramotor trike combo made by Flymecc paramotors in Italy The Paramotor comes with a 1 year warranty that covers the frame and engine. The paramotor and trike is in excellent condition with no damages  with only 5.4hrs of use on the motor. We buy and test new paramotor equipment every year and after testing we sell the paramotors at a discounted prices so here is your chance to save over $2000 off retail of the Flymecc Paramotor and Trike. The paramotor can also be flown without the trike and comes with an additional active low hang point weight shiftable harness. For full details on the Flymecc Paramotor please read the detailed information bellow and watch videos.